Timber Components

Timber Components

glas facades Vision 3000 windows use quality natural timbers to enhance both their style and durability

Four types of base timber are available for the internal facing construction of the windows.

When the internal frames are to be painted by others on site to blend in with other internal decorations, or when budget does not allow for factory finishing then a natural un-finished pine can be specified for site priming and painting, or a standard white factory applied micro porous spray finish can be specified which would make an excellent primer for your final coats.

For a factory colour finished product, a finished pine can be supplied in any standard RAL colour. This finished micro porous spray is extremely durable and will not require any further coats within the lifetime of the window.

For a natural finish, the natural pine option can be left un-finished for a cost effective natural wood installation, whilst the quality top end European oak hardwood and Canadian pine can be specified for a stronger more durable end product with a tighter grained finish. Timber Options:

Finished Pine (a lower grain of softwood pine suitable for either factory or site decorations)  Natural Pine (a higher grade softwood pine suitable for leaving naturally finished)  Canadian Pine (a high grade timber with attractive grain left in natural finish)  European Oak (a high grade hardwood offering the best in terms of natural finish and strength)

From forest to your window…

Trees are felled in the winter. There are fewer fluids within the tree and vermin infestation is minimal. The trees get trimmed, debarked and cut.

In the mill
The trunk is automatically crosscut into several parts to obtain the highest recovery possible. To produce timber windows we only use sections with straight annual rings.

Kiln drying
The sections are gently dried down to a moisture content of around 13%.

Imperfections of the wood such as knotholes are removed. The separate members are glued to create one endless member and then planed. Depending on the sizes required, the members are cut and glued to create a strong crossgrained laminated member.

In the factory
At delivery, the incoming scantlings are quality checked for imperfections, size, quality of bonding, humidity etc. All sections are cut, planed and sanded to the required size on all sides. Final sections of frame and sash are milled, drilled and have their corner joints formed by a fully automatic CNC machine. Individual frame sides are glued and pressed together in a double action press. Any last imperfections of the timber are identified and rectified. All timber elements are automatically treated with a preservative. For factory applied coloured windows – the RAL colour spray is applied in two separate coats and dried in a special ‘drying tunnel’. Light sanding and surface preparation is carried out between coats to ensure optimum surface quality. The applied coats are quality checked throughout the entire procedure for thicknesses, imperfections, adhesion etc. The frames are then fitted with ironmongery, glazing etc. before final quality control just prior to delivery.


All timber used is sourced from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certified forests. The PEFC is the world’s foremost and largest certification programme for sustainable forest management. Please see our fact sheet ‘PEFC Sustainable Timber’ for full details. The main principles of the PEFC are:

  • No more wood is harvested than is regrown.
  • Trees are replanted or naturally regenerated after harvesting.
  • Indigenous peoples’ and owners’ rights i.e. those who earn their livelihoods from and/or live in the forest, are respected.
  • Workers’ rights and welfare are protected.
  • Local employment is encouraged.
  • Forests are maintained as habitats for wild animals and plants.
  • Functions of forests for the protection of water, soil and climate are protected.
  • Biodiversity of forests ecosystems is conserved.
  • The origin of the wood raw material is verified.