Air Permeability

Air Permeability

Glas Vision 3000 windows have been fully independently tested by ift Rosenheim in Germany (full test results are available on our downloads page) for Air Permeability, i.e. the ability of the window system to resist air leakage through the frame under positive and negative wind loads tested in set steps from 50Pa up to 600Pa.

The sample windows were tested to EN 1026 : 2000-06 and the results are classified in accordance with EN 12207 : 1999-11.

BS 6375-1 : 2004 generally recommends a class 2 rating for windows in the UK, i.e. not exceeding 6.75m³/h/m (joint) nor 27m³/h/m² (area) at 100Pa / no more than 13.5m³/h/m (joint) nor 52m³/h/m² (area) at 300Pa.

The performance levels achieved by the Vision 3000 product are well in excess of these requirements and all windows have attained a class 4 rating.

The actual results far exceeded even the exacting standard of the class 4 rating which is the highest attainable rating under this standard.



All windows tested satisfied the requirements of Class 4 (according to EN 12207 : 1999-11), i.e. not exceeding 0.75m³/h/m (joint) nor 3m³/h/m² (area) at 100Pa, no more than 2.50m³/h/m (joint) or 10m³/h/m² (area) at 600Pa.

The actual performance level of the windows tested far exceeds the requirements of Class 4 (the maximum attainable under the standard) and, at 600Pa:

The side hung open in and fixed light achieved: 0.87m³/h/m (joint) and 1.91m³/h/m² (area) and the tilt and turn achieved: 0.16m³/h/m (joint) and 0.44m³/h/m² (area)

• Tests carried out to EN 1026 : 2000-06 and are classified as EN 12207 : 1999-11.

• Individual test results refer to individual window types and sizes.

• Refer to full test reports and Glas Technical for full details.